Grace Bello Reworks Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” for Four-Chair Turn on ‘The Voice’

Offering what she called a more “ambient” rendition of Justin Bieber’s more synth-pop 2021 single “Ghost,” singer Grace Bello managed to get all four of the now pickier coaches to turn their chairs on The Voice during the latest Blind Audition on Oct. 4.

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Now that all the coaches have limited open spots on their teams, reimagining the Bieber track paid off the 21-year-old Texas native, who now lives in Lacey, Washington. Before performing, Bello said she enjoyed finding the darker emotion in more upbeat pop songs. Coach John Legend compared the singer to past Voice contestant Maelyn Jarmon, who he won The Voice with during his first season (S16) as a coach on the show.

“It was amazing, because so many times we’ll get singers with these big, huge voices on the show, and they do really well, but we’ve also have had those singers who are way more subtle,” said Legend. “I heard that in you, as well. You have so much control, and your tone is so beautiful.” 

Blake Shelton called Bello’s voice “magical,” while Gwen Stefani was also impressed by the strength and subtleties in the young singer’s vocal range.

“It’s really rare that somebody will show that many sides of their voice or that they even have that many sides to their voice,” said Stefani. “You were able to get tender with your voice and really listen to the lyrics of what you’re saying, and that’s also rare for someone so young. I think you would fit in really, really good on Team Gwen.” 

To sway Bello onto her team, Camila Cabello presented a mocked-up red “Legend” jacket, which John Legend gives to new team members, with a piece of tape placed over the top reading “Camilla is a Legend.”

After Bello joined Team Camila, her new coach said, “Her voice did have a really angelic quality to it. It reminded me of Ariana [Grande] at times. I want that musical diversity on my team.” 

Photos: Tina Thorpe/NBC

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