Great Quotations: Bruce Springsteen

“It’s what I do. And what do I do? I live to do it for you one more time [laughs]. That’s what seems natural to me. What I can’t imagine is not doing that. That’s your primary life force. I go back home after a tour, what am I thinking about? ‘What story needs to be told? What do I have to say of urgency to a 15-year-old kid, or a 70-year-old guy, out there?’

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That is an appetite. It’s like breathing. It’s not something I have to work on. And it doesn’t strike me as work. It’s just an adventure. I’m always looking for that next line, that next song.

It’s the old Dylan line: ‘He who is not busy being born…’ I live by that one a lot.”

Bruce Springsteen discusses 50 years of making music


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