Halsey Announces New Album As A Response to Life-Altering Diagnoses, Releases First Single “The End”

Halsey has been quietly battling illnesses, but she’s done being quiet in her suffering. She recently announced her next album, and hinted that it will be in response to her life-changing diagnoses. Halsey didn’t share many details of the album or her health, but did release the first single.

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She also posted a series of videos on social media documenting her receiving infusions. “Long story short, I’m lucky to be alive,” she captioned the videos. “Short story long, I wrote an album.” In the first video, Halsey is seen rubbing her legs in apparent pain with a bandage around her inner elbow. The other slides on the Instagram post show her getting infusions, a text to a friend, a video of her singing in the studio, and a series of short clips documenting her emotional health journey.

In the first video, she says aloud, “I told myself I’m giving myself two more years to be sick. At 30, I’m having a rebirth and I’m not gonna be sick and I’m gonna look super hot and have lots of energy and I’m just gonna get to re-do my 20s in my 30s.”

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Halsey Releases New Single Amid Harrowing Health Struggles

Halsey released the first single from the new project, titled “The End.” The song is an acoustic ballad that starts heavy right out of the gate. Halsey sings, Every couple of years now / a doctor says I’m sick.

She continues, At first it was my brain / then a skeleton in pain / and I don’t like to complain / but I’m saying sorry. The song is definitely an emotional response to what Halsey has been dealing with in the past few years, full of pain and silent suffering.

Additionally, Halsey shared that she is donating the proceeds from downloads and streams of the new single to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Lupus Research Alliance. She hasn’t shared any confirming details of her health struggles. Overall, Halsey’s privacy should be respected as she deals with the life-changing diagnoses.

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