Hear Adia Victoria’s Anti-Trump Ballad “Backwards Blues”

Adia Victoria
Photo courtesy of the artist

Singer-songwriter Adia Victoria is the latest artist to contribute to the 30 Days, 30 Songs project, which is aimed at releasing songs against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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The home-recorded acoustic ballad sees the South Carolina native not only channel her distaste for the “dangerous” Trump, but her personal struggle accepting his massive following, as shown in the lyrics “I might be okay if I couldn’t say, He was speaking to half of us.”

“Perhaps the greatest irony is how a campaign fueled by outright lies reveals a deep-seated kernel of truth of what far too many Americans hold up as sacred: massive wealth, the sway of celebrity, branding, power, and greed,” Victoria said. “I don’t want to say that he’s the president we deserve, yet here we are.”

Victoria is the 11th artist to contribute to the project so far, joining the likes of R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie, Josh Ritter and Jim James, among others.

Listen to Adia Victoria’s “Backwards Blues” below:

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