Hear “Miracle Worker” From Mick Jagger’s SuperHeavy

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Mick Jagger describes the sound of his new supergroup SuperHeavy as “wide-ranging – from reggae ballads to Indian songs in Urdu.” It’s no wonder, considering his fellow collaborators are Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, “Slumdog Millionaire” composer A.R. Rahman, soulful Janis Joplin-acolyte Joss Stone and reggae scion Damian Marley.

The motley crew’s debut single “Miracle Worker” entwines Marley’s bark and Stone’s full-bodied croon about love and lust over a reggae beat while Jagger takes the backburner. “Oohoo, you’re a miracle worker/oohoo you’re a surgeon of love,” sings Stone. The vibe on this one is primarily Marley’s territory, but with this many influences, it’s impossible to say where the rest of the album will go. Universal Music releases it September 20.

Check out “Miracle Worker” here.

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