Is ‘Saturday Night Live’ New Tonight, April 13, 2024? How to Watch

With the week coming to an end and people enjoying their weekend, that can mean only one thing – it’s time for Saturday Night Live. When it comes to the weekend, there seems no better way of enjoying some rest and relaxation than with some laughs. Season 49 of SNL welcomed some big names in Hollywood like Josh Brolin and Adam Driver. And while SNL has taken some time off in the past, here are all the details about tonight’s episode and what to expect. 

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Kicking off the night with some good news, SNL will be airing a new live episode tonight with none other than Ryan Gosling hosting. Just last summer, Margot Robbie and Gosling dominated the box office when they showcased the hit film Barbie. While focusing on Barbie finding her place in the world, Gosling stole the film with his portrayal of Ken. His antics not only gained him high praise but landed him a performance at the Academy Awards. With the world full of “Kenergy”, Gosling’s performance tonight is sure to come packed with laughs. 

Ryan Gosling Starstruck Of Country Singer On ‘Saturday Night Live’

While Gosling knows how to dance, sing, and act, he will only be the host this evening and not the musical guest. That honor will go to country star Chris Stapleton. The country singer is a top name in country music and even performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Having thousands of fans, it seemed that Gosling was also a massive fan of Stapleton. In a promo for SNL tonight, Gosling tried his best to get an autograph for the country icon. The only problem – nerves go in the way. Trying to come up with the best introduction line, Gosling proved that even celebrities get starstruck. 

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Loving the SNL promo, fans filled the comment section, writing, “SNL.. Ryan Gosling is the king of timeless digital shorts.. WE expect another timeless classic from him again.” Another fan added, “OMG can’t wait.  loved SNL since the beginning and I literally have not missed an episode.” 

With high expectations for SNL tonight, be sure to tune in to see both Gosling and Stapleton take over Studio 8H. The show airs live on NBC starting at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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