Jay Z Clears Sample for Jermaine Dupri… With an Important Caveat

Often it seems that all musical roads somehow run through legendary rapper Jay Z.

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Case in point: a new Drake-signed artist is looking to clear a sample and Jay was contacted by producer Jermaine Dupri for permission. Jay Z and Dupri famously collaborated on the ’90s track, “Money Ain’t a Thing,” so the two have a long, successful history. So, when Dupri called, Jay listened.

Famously, Jay-Z doesn’t often say yes to such requests. But for JD? He’s in. But Jay’s agreement has its strings, of course.

Here’s how it went: Dupri is producing a song for a duo who is signed by Drake. That duo, dvsn, was hoping to clear a sample of Jay’s song, “Song Cry.” The song they want the sample for doesn’t necessarily jive with Jay’s mindset, but since he wants to help Dupri, he agreed by with the caveat.

Dupri shared that caveat on Instagram, making Jay’s wishes crystal clear.

Jay said the new song outdoes “Song Cry” in terms of “toxicity,” and, as such, he doesn’t want to be associated with its message. The dvsn song in question is called, “I Get Caught.”

dvsn has said that the song is in the vein of Usher’s “Confessions Pt. II” and SZA’s “The Weekend.” But better. The group may be waiting for some new attention, as a result.

But so as not to associate Jay with the “toxic” message, Dupri shared their text thread on IG, showing Jay isn’t on board with the concept, just the use of his sample of “Song Cry.”

Wrote Dupri on Instagram, “Jay Z sample cleared ! if I get caught Friday ➗➗ @dvsn

And the text exchange goes like this:

Jay: “I didn’t think one could make a song more toxic than Song Cry. I stand corrected.”

Dupri: “Haaaaa. Is that a yes ! Lol”

Jay: “I just want a disclaimer that says that I said This song is wrong ! Haaaaa And you’re good.”

To go with that dvsn also shared some info about their upcoming track on Instagram, writing, “CHAPTER 1: IF I GET CAUGHT… NEXT FRIDAY ➗”

(Photo by Kevin Kane/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame )

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