JBL PRX900 Series Review

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When it comes to pro audio solutions, there are few names as widely recognized and respected as JBL.

So when we heard they were dropping a new line of powered loudspeakers and subwoofers, we knew we had to get our hands on some and see what awesome new features and benefits were in the mix.

And, needless to say, the PRX900 line does not disappoint. Here, JBL has upped the ante with a total overhaul from the 800 series, boasting mostly new components and bringing a breath of fresh air to a saturated live audio market.

From boosted power in the amp modules to a stress-free UX via JBL Pro Connect app integration, these speakers are a great all-in-one solution for any live audio needs.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive into the JBL PRX900 series and explore some of the standout features of this killer new line.

JBL PRX900 Series: An Overview

The JBL name represents a legacy of delivering excellence in the pro audio field for over seventy-five years, and it’s clear they’ve carried on this tradition with the introduction of the PRX900 line.

The JBL PRX900 Series consists of three powered two-way loudspeakers: PRX908, PRX912, and PRX915 (featuring 8-,12, and 15-inch speakers, respectively), and two powered subwoofers: PRX915XLF and PRX918XLF (15- and 18-inch).

These speakers signal a marked improvement over the PRX800 line, employing an all-new design with some truly compelling features. 

From the new polypropylene/talc construction of the full-range cabinets to the new 2000-watt Class D driver systems, the PRX900 line represents a near-complete reimagining of the PRX series, centered around some of JBL’s newest and most exciting innovations.


  • Solid talc-reinforced polypropylene construction (full-range speakers) and Duraflex-coated birch cabinets (subwoofers) deliver enhanced durability
  • Crystal clarity and definition even at max volumes courtesy of new driver designs
  • 2000-watt peak means huge power in a portable package
  • JBL Pro Connect app integration makes for painless UX


  • None to speak of!

Know Before You Buy

Image credit: Nick Stockton

Now, if you’re considering investing in the best portable PA system for your needs, there are a few things you’d do well to know off the bat. 

Active Vs. Passive Speakers

One of the most important factors in your purchasing decision will be whether to choose an active, or powered, speaker system or to opt for a passive speaker (which will require purchasing additional components before you can make a sound).

For our money, this one’s a no-brainer. An active speaker system like those in the PRX900 line comes fully loaded with everything you need to start doing your thing right away, with no additional purchases necessary.

This means you get a built-in amplifier that’s perfectly matched to the driver and speakers, giving you optimal portability and sound quality all at the same time. You also get built-in digital signal processing (allowing adjustable EQ and other parameters) and protection circuitry that will prevent overloading of your drivers and damaging your rig.

In contrast, a passive speaker, though often more affordable, will require an external amplifier to power it, negating any potential savings. And you’ll have to deal with the headache of finding compatible components as well as a potentially tedious setup process.

Size and Output

Another factor to consider is the size and output you’re going to need in your system. Your individual needs and what applications you’ll be using the system for will be major players in determining what size and power rating you’re going to require.

DJs and bands that require a portable solution for full-range sound as well as sub-bass frequency support in larger venues would benefit from a combination of a larger full-range powered loudspeaker like the PRX915 coupled with a subwoofer like the PRX918XLF. 

Smaller speakers like the PRX908 make a great addition as wedge monitors for the stage as well, as we used ours in a recent gig. 

If you’re a gigging solo musician or audio engineer for corporate functions, however, your needs might only call for a smaller full-range speaker or two.

Either way, the JBL PRX900 series is a full line of powered speakers and subwoofers that runs the gamut from small full-range speakers to whopping subwoofers and everything in between, so no matter your needs, this series has got you covered.

Build Quality and Construction

One constant factor to be considered when selecting a portable PA system is the durability of the system’s construction. After all, a crucial element of portability is the ability to take a beating on the road and throughout repeated use night after night in crowded clubs.

Look for speakers and subs that are solidly constructed of materials that can stand the test of heat, stress, and anything else you throw at them.

And durability doesn’t just apply to the cabinets – PA systems, particularly separate amplifier and passive speaker systems, are prone to terminal damage through overpowering, mismatched impedance, and other risk factors.

Therefore, you can’t go wrong by selecting a powered all-in-one loudspeaker system like the PRX900 series’ full-range speakers. These speakers have built-in limiters that guarantee protection of all the delicate inner workings – you don’t have to worry about overdriving your system and causing damage that way.

Features and Benefits of the JBL PRX900 Series

Image Credit: Nick Stockton

Connectivity And Controls

The PRX900 line features a host of connectivity options that come in clutch in practically any live sound scenario.

The rear panel controls alone provide you with everything you need to use the speaker as a standalone solution or as a part of a larger audio system. You’ve got two combi jack mic/line inputs, plus TRS stereo jack inputs for use as a simple PA.

And if you’re using your PRX900 speaker as a part of a larger sound system, you’ve got two balanced XLR line outputs for crossover outputs and thru connections, plus a mix output.

Another area in which JBL has stepped up the game is wireless connectivity, offering reliable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatibility for the full line. With the JBL Pro Connect app, you can control up to 10 individual speakers from your phone or tablet, for quick and easy mixing, EQing, and more. 

Running front-of-house sound and monitors all at once has never been easier.

DSP And Onboard Tech

Another area in which the PRX900 series shines is the innovative onboard tech and DSP, which JBL has newly redesigned from the ground up for this series to ensure you get the best sound, headache-free, in any live situation.

 Featuring nearly all-new components, the PRX900 line brings you the cutting edge in premium powered speaker technology, powered to the nines by ultra-efficient 2,000 watt peak Class-D amplifiers.

12-Band Parametric EQ allows you to fine-tune your system to the Nth degree in order to suit your needs (should you have any – these speakers do sound incredible flat). Plus, they’re already loaded with presets that make dialing in your sound a cinch. 

And the onboard DBX DriveRack technology, featuring fixed Automatic Feedback Suppression and soft system limiters, ensures that you won’t have any unwanted sound issues and provides protection from any incidental damage.

What’s more, all these features can be harnessed either on the easy-to-use onboard selector wheel and color LCD screen or, better yet, through the aforementioned JBL Pro Connect App.


Those of us who have worked countless nights in live settings know it can be impossible to keep people from sitting on, placing/spilling drinks on, and even dancing on top of our system components, and JBL knows it too – so you can rest assured with these solidly constructed cabs.

The JBL PRX900 series’ full-range speaker collection features newly re-designed polypropylene/talc composite cabinets, optimized for rigidity and durability, and ergonomically designed for ease of handling and use. 

The cabinets seem tough enough to withstand any abuse you could throw at them, plus the handles are comfortable to use, and the shape allows for versatility as a wedge monitor or on a mounting pole.

The subwoofers, meanwhile, feature rock-solid Birch cabinets coated in tough-as-nails Duraflex. 

Topping it off, solid steel grilles across the board ensure that delicate inner components stay protected from flying feet, swinging instruments, whatever audiences are throwing nowadays – there’s no doubt these tanks are ready for battle.

Range and Acoustics

The PRX900 line of full-range speakers features brand-new acoustic designs from JBL, delivering the highest levels of clarity and dynamics available. 

They’re outfitted with the new JBL compression driver, complete with poly-annular diaphragm and neodymium magnet – that means even when you’re squeezing your system for all 2,000 watts, you get the same detailed response you would at, shall we say, more reasonable volumes.

What’s more, the subwoofers in the series, the PRX915XLF and PRX918XLF, are equipped to hit all the way down to 36Hz and 30Hz, respectively, with upgraded power allowing volumes of up to 134db. 

With their powers combined, you’ll have no problem getting the party started in any live setting, whether you’re powering a DJ set or a band performance.

Real-Life Use Cases

Image Credit: Nick Stockton

The sheer power:portability ratio alone makes this system a worthwhile purchase for anyone who’s serious about their live sound.

Add to that the awesome DSP with convenient presets and Bluetooth-powered app integration, and you’ve got yourself the best portable PA system for bands and DJs on the go that money can buy. 

We just about instantly fell in love with the PRX908 and 918XLF we received after using them for band rehearsals and, later, at a small bar gig. Our onstage sound has never been better, and we owe it all to our new PRX900 series speakers.

As it turns out, we’re not the only satisfied customers:

One reviewer put it as well as anyone could: with the PRX900 series, “JBL DID IT AGAIN.”

The Verdict

From the minute we set this system up, we knew we had something special on our hands. This suspicion was confirmed just moments later as we found ourselves bathed in a crystal clear signal, dialing in our perfect sound via the JBL Pro Connect app.

If you’re looking for a portable PA solution to accompany your band on the road, as a DJ rig, front of house and stage sound at your venue, or just about any other live situation, you can’t do much better than the JBL PRX900 series.

Fully scalable, tough as nails, incredibly easy to use, and above all else, great sounding at huge volumes, the PRX900 full-range speakers and subwoofers check all the boxes when it comes to live audio solutions. Do yourself (and your band, fans, team, etc.) a favor and pick some up today!

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