Bunnie Xo Gets Vulnerable on Reason Behind Jelly Roll’s Social Media Absence & Expectations of Being a Superstar

Taking over country music, Jelly Roll not only dominated the genre but captured the hearts of millions. Always willing to share his thoughts on his past and his love for his wife, Bunnie Xo, fans seemed to love the authenticity of Jelly Roll. Add that with songs like “Son of a Sinner” and it makes perfect sense why he walked away with several accolades at the CMT Music Awards. But recently, fans noticed the singer appeared to disappear from social media. Wanting to know what happened, Bunnie Xo broke her silence on why her husband decided to leave social media behind.

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Considering Jelly Roll to be one of the “sweetest angel babies” around, Bunnie Xo held nothing back when she discussed him leaving social media on her Dumb Blonde Podcast. She said the singer decided to quit social media due to the mountain of comments about his weight. “My husband doesn’t show it to you guys, but I’m gonna have a very vulnerable moment here. It hurts him.”


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The constant bullying appeared to break Bunnie Xo’s heart as she continued, “The internet can say whatever they want to about you, and they say you’re a celebrity, you’re supposed to be able to handle it…. Enough is enough. Don’t bully people, because you never know where they are mentally. I’m gonna fight till the end. What you see is what you get with me. All you gotta do is leave me and my family alone.”

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Jelly Roll Hard At Work When It Comes To His Health

Always willing to help others, fans quickly filled the comments with love for Jelly Roll. Not wanting the trolls to win, comments included, “To actually troll Jelly Roll, the nicest most humble guy on the planet is wild! He brought me to a whole new genre! Love you both!” Another comment read, “He has been an absolute inspiration to my 14 year old son. My kiddo and myself live in larger bodies and seeing Jelly accomplish all these amazing things and take up space that he deserves.” 

With fans proving just how inspiring Jelly Roll is to them, it should be mentioned that the country star is taking his health seriously. Speaking with People, the singer explained how he looks to complete a 5K marathon. And his preparation appeared to be paying off. “I’m probably down 70-something pounds.” He added, “I was thinking, I plan on losing another 100, 100-and-something (pounds). If I feel this good down this weight, man, I can only imagine what I’m going to feel like by the time I go on tour.”

Not focusing on the negativity, Jelly Roll continues to produce hit songs and focus on his journey to become healthier and happier.

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