Joe Pug Announces New Podcast “The Working Songwriter”

Photo by Dusdin Condren
Photo by Dusdin Condren


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Songwriter Joe Pug just launched “The Working Songwriter,” a new monthly podcast that explores the intricacies of, you guessed it, songwriting. The first episode, out today, features Amarillo songwriter Joe Ely.

On Facebook, Pug explains:

“I’m pleased to announce the inaugural episode of my podcast ‘The Working Songwriter.’ Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to tour with many legendary songwriters. This new show will be my chance to sit down with one of them every month and hear their stories. We’ll talk about writing process, recording, touring, and everything in between. We will try desperately to avoid old songwriters reminiscing at length about hearing the Beatles for the first time and young songwriters reminiscing about ‘Kid A.’ Our first episode features an hour-long conversation with Texas legend, Joe Ely.”

Listen to the first episode of “The Working Songwriter” here and be on the lookout for new episodes each month.

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