Jonas Brothers Say It Was “Strange” to Write a Song About Sex

It’s been nearly a decade since the Jonas Brothers slipped off their purity rings, but singing about sex still makes the family trio uncomfortable. 

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Ahead of The Album release, the international pop stars sat down with Bustle in Manhattan, New York, to reflect on the songwriting process behind their latest installment. Within the 12-song LP, the men cover various topics from fatherhood, mental health, family, and even sizzling sex – a theme they have been avoiding. 

Nick Jonas told the publication that it’s “a little strange” to open up about intimacy with his siblings. Back in 2008, the band pledged not to have sex before they got married. Joe Jonas told HuffPost that the jewelry represented a “promise to ourselves and God that we’ll stay pure till marriage.” 

Long before the Jonas Brothers broke up, the rings came off. However, Kevin previously confirmed that he waited until marriage. He tied the knot in 2009 with his wife, Danielle Jonas. The guitarist is more open about writing about the intimate topic, as he believes it’s part of life. 

“It’s natural to speak about your life and where you’re at,” said Kevin, 35. “Like, that’s my wife and partner in crime of 13 years, you know?” 

Nick, who is now married to award-winning actress Priyanka Chopra, said that they are extra careful when they tackle the subject matter. 

“We’re always conscious that we’re three brothers singing on stage together. So when we sing about sex specifically, it’s gotta be kind of a nuanced thing. Otherwise, it can be a little strange,” Nick noted.

“Obviously, we’re not duetting those songs. Very individual singing in that,” added Joe Jonas, 33, married to Sophie Turner. 

The Jonas Brothers have come a long way since “Love Bug,” their innocent 2008 track on A Little Bit Longer. Their sixth studio album includes “Summer In The Hamptons,” a mature song about love. 

I’m deep inside your sand | A different kind of warmness | My heart inside your hands | A thousand wild horses sings Joe. Sex like summer in the Hamptons | Sex like | Sex like summer in the Hamptons. 

They acknowledged that the song about sex might throw fans off guard since many view them still as Disney Channel stars. However, the band said that they still embraced their “tween-star” days. 

“The reality for us is that it shaped who we became. It was our high school years, our middle school years,” said Nick. “Naturally, there’s going be some moments that are a little bumpy along the way, but if you can’t celebrate what got you to where you are now, you’re just going to look back at things and be frustrated, so we lean in.”

While they still perform their biggest hits on tour, like “Year 3000,” “Burnin’ Up,” S.O.S.,” “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” and more, they still like to leave fans surprised during their live shows. 

“People were often surprised when they came to the show and saw that it was a full band setup and not your typical, you know, boy band singing and dancing,” Nick added. 

The Jonas Brothers will embark on their nationwide tour in early August. Tickets are available for purchase, HERE

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