Lainey Wilson Gets Candid on Extreme Nerves and Battling Through Rejection To Dominate Country Music

Since releasing her first record, Lainey Wilson, back in 2014, the singer watched as her stardom grew with each new release. And in 2022, when she released Bell Bottom Country, a star was born. Since taking over country music, Wilson brought home a Grammy Award, several Academy of Country Music Awards, and even snagged the Entertainer of the Year award in 2023. Continuing to tighten her grasp on country music, the singer recently discussed her popularity and how she continues to get nervous before each performance. 

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Produced by Robin Roberts, fans can get an in-depth look into the life of Wilson with her new special Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country. Discussing numerous topics, the country star opened up about watching her image go viral after several videos of her body were uploaded on the internet. While feeling weird about people focusing on her figure, Wilson also opened up about her anxiety on stage. 

Having performed in front of sold-out crowds, Wilson explained how it never gets easier.” I get extremely nervous before every show. If it’s 20 people, 20,000 or 80,000, it does not matter. It’s terrifying. It’s scary putting yourself out there. You gotta expect every kind of opinion you can imagine. You can’t think that everybody’s gonna love you.”

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Lainey Wilson Battled Through Rejection To Now Sit Atop the Country Music World

While enjoying her stardom and the fame that follows her, Wilson admitted it wasn’t always like that. Like any artist, the singer struggled to gain her footing in the music industry. “I experienced a lot of rejection, a lot of heartache. I’m a tough woman, but it’s not easy. I have my days where you gotta do whatever you can to crawl out of those dark holes. You’re gonna feel lonely. There was a lot of personal stuff in my life that was really falling apart. It’s taken me a really long time to even get to this moment.”

Although battling through rejection and anxiety, Wilson never believed in quitting and continued to push forward. And eventually, the star not only found her footing, but she also watched her dream become a reality as she accepted her first Grammy Award. Don’t miss Lainey Wilson: Bell Bottom Country streaming on Hulu.

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