Lainey Wilson Teams Up with Coors Light to Bring Some Extra Chill to the Summer

Earlier this year, Lainey Wilson appeared in her first Super Bowl commercial. Teaming up with Coors Light allowed her to get in front of millions of people who tuned in to watch the Big Game or the commercials that are always a highlight of the day. Now, she’s teaming up with the brand again to bring a little more chill to her fans’ summer.

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Wilson took to social media earlier today (May 6) to announce the continuation of her partnership with the brand. “Excited to continue partnering with Coors Light to bring y’all backstage with me this summer,” she wrote. “Starting May 8, you can purchase my Backstage Six Pack—a limited edition pack of my backstage essentials including Coors Light for the summer,” she added. To make things better, all the proceeds from sales of the Backstage Six Pack go to Wilson’s Heart Like a Truck Fund.

What’s in the Lainey Wilson Backstage Six Pack

The Lainey Wilson Backstage Six Pack doesn’t go on sale until Wednesday. However, the Coors Light website shows what fans will get when they purchase it. First off, it comes with a limited-edition mini fridge. The pack also comes with a custom blue sweatsuit inspired by Wilson’s signature style. It doesn’t elaborate but that could mean bell-bottom sweatpants.

Fans who buy the Backstage Six Pack will also be able to drink in style with a set of limited-edition beer glasses. Their furry fans won’t be left out, though. It also comes with a dog bowl. A red truck rug and Coors Light neon sign will add some ambiance to whatever space fans want to chill.

Finally, the Backstage Six Pack comes with a gift card for $87.50 to purchase plenty of Silver Bullets to stock the custom mini fridge.

The Heart Like a Truck Fund

In a recent interview with American Songwriter, Lainey Wilson talked about her Heart Like a Truck Fund. After gaining her current level of fame. She decided to use her platform to give back. “Our Heart Like a Truck Fund is one of my big passions now. We just got that up off the ground and running and, to me, that’s what it’s about is giving back,” she said. “That’s becoming the dream, right there,” Wilson added.

“For a very long time, my dream was wanting to make people feel something. And that’s still my dream. But, adding on to it, there’s just a lot more to it. Like I said, that’s when it gets fun, when you really feel like you’re able to make a difference,” Wilson explained.

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