Lil Uzi Vert Confirms New Album is Coming at the “End of the Month”

Just before Lauryn Hill brought out The Fugees for her headlining set at the Roots Picnic festival in Philadelphia on Saturday, Lil Uzi Vert gave a performance for the attendees in their hometown. However, the most noteworthy part of Uzi’s day wouldn’t come until he came backstage after their set.

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While being interviewed by Perfect Timing Media Group, the 27-year-old was asked, “When’s The Pink Tape dropping?” Regarding their impending third studio album, Uzi confirmed that the LP is set to arrive at “the end of the month.”

This announcement coincides with Uzi re-coloring their hair purple, which was an iconic look for them while they were an up-and-coming act in the mid-2010s. For Pink Tape, though, Uzi will likely be trying their hand at a new approach sonically, which they detailed in a recent cover story for German culture magazine 032c.

“I’m more experimental now. And more open,” they said. “My whole thing has always been about not letting people really know me—just enough to where they can’t judge me but can still like my music. This time around, there are going to be a lot of judgmental thoughts.”

Fans have been anticipating the release of The Pink Tape for nearly three years, considering Uzi’s most recent full-length solo effort came in March 2020 with Eternal Atake and its subsequent deluxe. After delaying the LP several times over the past couple of years, Uzi promised that the project was near completion during their performance at Rolling Loud California in early March.

“I know I make y’all wait a long time for music, and I’m so sorry I thought that shit was cool before, but that shit is lame,” they said. “I’m putting the finishing touches on Pink Tape and I promise—and I made a lot of promises in my life —but this time I promise.”

While The Pink Tape does not yet have a track list or official release date, fans believe it could drop on June 23, which is National Pink Day in the United States and also falls on a Friday this year. But, as we’ve already entered the month of June, Uzi still has yet to begin any official rollout for the album.

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