Lil Wayne Nominates Himself to Perform Super Bowl Halftime Show

Earlier this year, Usher expressed that he would be a terrific option to eventually perform at the NFL’s Super Bowl Halftime show. Saying that he’d “be a fool to say no,” the 44-year-old would be the latest in a recent streak of either R&B or hip-hop stars to grace the stage. But, while Usher insists he’s next the man for the job, a different icon of the 2000s recently suggested he would be a perfect fit for the position.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lil Wayne declared that performing at the Super Bowl is a bucket list item for him since he’s seen many of his peers pull it off.

“There’s a whole bunch of things I haven’t done that I’ve seen other folks do that I’ve said to myself, ‘Man, I’d kill it if I had that opportunity.'” he said. “Super Bowl, hint, hint.”

Wayne would continue by promising he would nail this potential performance so much that the players and fans would not even care about the big game anymore. To paint the picture for us even more, he recalled the Super Bowl in 2021 where Cincinnati Bengals players Evan McPherson watched the halftime show instead of joining his team in the locker room.

“I’d kill that shit. We wouldn’t even worry about the game after that,” he said. “Everybody knew that one kid (who) was watching the halftime show, but that’d be one of the first Super Bowls that they’ll be like, ‘Both teams were out on the field watching the halftime show.'” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Wayne elaborated on his extreme work ethic, which he claims led to him forgetting the sessions where he made world-famous albums of his like Tha Carter II and Tha Carter III. Currently, he is working on his sixth addition to Tha Carter series, which is slated to drop at some point this year.

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