Luke Bryan Praises Tennessee Act for Protecting Artists From Being Exploited by AI

With AI proving its capabilities over the last few months, the entertainment industry went on the defense, seeing how much the technology could impact the industry. Using nothing more than a few sentences, AI can produce a full song, an entire movie, or even art. While some enjoy the opportunities AI allows, Luke Bryan recently praised Tennessee for passing new legislation surrounding the technology that protects from the exploitation of artists. 

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Excited about protecting future artists from the dangers of AI, Tennessee passed the Ensuring Likeness, Voice, and Image Security Act, or simply ELVIS. Seeming to be a fitting name for the new law, Governor Bill Lee signed the bill while at honky-tonk bar in Nashville. With the city having such a rich history when it comes to music, the state looked to safeguard its musical traditions. 

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Praising the new law, Bryan took a moment to thank the lawmakers for passing the ELVIS Act. ‘What an amazing precedent to set for the state of Tennessee. The leaders of this are showing artists who are moving here following their dreams that our state protects what we work so hard for, and I personally want to thank all of our legislators and people who made this bill happen.” He added, “It’s hard to wrap your head around what is going on with AI, but I know the ELVIS Act will help protect our voices.”  

Luke Bryan Not The Only One Thrilled About the ELVIS Act

Gov. Lee also discussed the dangers of AI, but explained the technology had some advantages. “There are certainly many things that are positive about what AI does. It also, when fallen into the hands of bad actors, it can destroy this industry.” The governor continued, “It can rob an individual, these individual artists to whose unique God-given gifts transform people’s lives. It can steal those gifts, it can impersonate those gifts, it can subsequently create fake works that rob those artists of their intellectual property.”

Named after the legendary Elvis Presley, the name seemed fitting as the icon’s likeness and image were somewhat hijacked after his death. Making sure to protect artists when it comes to their likeness and voice, the new bill is just the latest move to contain AI. 

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  1. Good! About time the real artist be protected!! This is taking it too far and disrespecting the art of MUSIC!! I know what I hope is spread this Law across the USA!! I support that they did something now let’s get it across other states. Music is original and unique it’s not to be taken advantage of or abused. These Artists deserve the same respect as anyone else that their voice is their beautiful or unique voice.

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