Lyric Contest Winners: July/August 2011

1st Place

“Just Married”
Larry Black
Asheville, North Carolina

2nd Place

“No Timeshares For Heaven”
Dan T. Chandler
Dallas, Texas

3rd Place
“Lonely Ride”
Jeff Maddox
Pearl, Mississippi

4th Place
“Sand In Her Shoes”
Steve Tolliver
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Honorable Mention
“Big Old House”
Debra Goldstein
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The Wind Still Carries Your Name”
Michael Fredde
Lewisville, Texas

“Cowboy Dreams”
Mark Stepakoff
Boston, Massachusetts

“Can’t Tell You Goodbye”
Scott Dameron and Jay Ladd V
Raleigh, North Carolina

“Bury Me”
John Hillman
Middletown, Rhode Island

“When The God That Made Me Met The God I Made”
Scott Avery
Boca Raton, Florida

“A Little Peace (Piece)”
George Hartner
Hampstead, North Carolina

“In My Next Life”
Jeffrey Gyving
Point Arena, California

“The American Dream”
Jason Hursey
Jacksonville, Florida

“Just Me And The Wind”
Crawford Hurst and Nick Coleman
Fort Stockton, Texas
Piedmont, Oklahoma

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