Me and My Chimp: Paul McCartney Reveals the Surprising Beatles Fan He Recently Discovered Hidden in a 1964 Photo He Took

Paul McCartney has posted a video clip of him visiting his photo exhibit that’s currently on display at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City, and commenting about a cute revelation regarding one of the images that’s on display.

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The exhibit, “Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm,” features various pics he snapped while on tour with The Beatles in various cities. The display boasts photos that appear in McCartney’s 2023 coffee-table book 1964: Eyes of the Storm.

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In the video, McCartney shows off a large, blown-up photo of a crowd that had gathered to greet The Beatles in an unidentified U.S. city. He explains that after he originally snapped the photo, he never got to look at the image carefully, but when it was blown up, he discovered a surprise amongst the crowd of fans.

As he pointed to the lower right-hand corner of the pic, McCartney noted, “[I]n blowing it up, when we were researching this, we suddenly noticed down here, it’s a little chimpanzee! Pretty cute!”

As the video shows, a woman in the crowd is holding an adorable chimp in her arms.

More About McCartney’s Photo Exhibit

As previously reported, the “Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm” exhibit opened at the Brooklyn Museum on May 3 and will be on display until August 18. The exhibition features more than 250 photos personally taken by McCartney using his Pentax camera.

Paul took the pics in 1963 and ’64, while the Fab Four were caught in the middle of the Beatlemania craze. Images includes photos taken in Paris, London, and in various U.S. cities during the band’s first visit to America. Many of the pics capture the Fab Four while they were in New York City for their historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

The exhibit also features archival video clips and memorabilia. The first venue that hosted the exhibit was the National Portrait Gallery in London, where it was on display from June to October 2023.

The Exhibit Will Be Opening in Other Cities in 2024

During its run in Brooklyn, a version of the “Eyes of the Storm” exhibit also will go on display in Tokyo, Japan, at Tokyo City View from July 19 to September 24.

The exhibition also is scheduled to open at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, on September 14. It will remain on display there until January 19, 2025.

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