Meet the Top 15 Finalists of American Songwriter’s 2022 September/October Lyric Contest

It’s almost time to reveal the winner of American Songwriter’s 2022 September/October Lyric Contest. But first, we’d like to share the Top 15 finalists that are in the running for the top price.

Without further ado, let’s check out the finalists below:

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Geoff Bartley

The Ballad of Billy Bridger

Jared Burton 

This Side of Tennessee

Meghan Cary

Bright Red Lips (A Song for Mom)

Red Diamond

Sweet Rambling Boy

James Ellis

Lucky Enough

Carin Fradin & Lauren Patton

A Road is Just a Road

Dale Giffen

Relative Stride

Debra Wolf Goldstein

 “Tree of Life

Tim Hedrich

A Slow Break

Laura Lemons

Even the House Misses You

Jordan Lloyd

Can’t Lose for Winning

Matt Ostendorf

“When I’m Not Here Tomorrow (Roxy’s Song)”

Robert Jude Romero 

The Song

Bob Sinclair

Little Country Home

Andy Zipf

How to Make a Paper Airplane


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