Michael Anthony Says He Didn’t “Settle Any Differences” with Eddie Van Halen Before Guitar Legend’s Death

In a recent interview with the Sally Steele Rocks! YouTube show, ex-Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony revealed that he never reconciled with bandmate Eddie Van Halen before the guitar great’s death in 2020. He did note, however, that he now has a good relationship Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, who replaced him in the group.

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“Unfortunately, Eddie and I never had a chance to really settle any differences that we had in the past or whatever,” Anthony explained to Sally Steele in an interview conducted in Las Vegas.

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The 69-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer then discussed his recent meeting with Wolfgang, which took place at a December 2023 show in Las Vegas by Van Halen’s current band Mammoth WVH.

“Wolfgang … played the House of Blues out here and I went to the show as his guest,” Anthony explained. “And … we sat and talked, and really, there was a lot of closure for me there.”

Anthony noted that Valerie Bertinelli, Wolfgang’s mother and Eddie’s ex-wife, also was there. He then added, “So, it was a great night. Besides the fact that Wolf is a great guy, great musician, his band kicks a–. But, yeah, so at least we were able to do that.”

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When Steele commented to Anthony that he was now friends with “the guy who took your job,” the bassist replied, “Oh, yeah, we’ve always been friends.”

Understood Why Eddie Wanted Wolfgang in the Band

Anthony was replaced by Wolfgang in 2006. He said he didn’t harbor any animosity toward Wolfgang, because he knew that Eddie wanted to play with his son. He also suggested that Wolf likely appreciated getting to play in a band with his dad, but perhaps he wasn’t that thrilled about being in Van Halen the group.

“The way I kind of feel is that Wolfgang probably wasn’t excited, really, about being in Van Halen,” Anthony maintained. “That’s why in his band, he doesn’t play any Van Halen, ’cause he wants to carve out his own niche. But just to be able to get up and play with his father, I can totally understand that.”

More About Reconnecting with Wolfgang

Getting back to how it felt to reconnect with the younger Van Halen, Anthony said, “I love Wolfie, man. I hadn’t seen him in, like, 20 years. I went to the show, it was great. We had a great time, great hangout.”

Never Thought Wolfgang Was Being Groomed to Take over His Job in Van Halen

Anthony also was asked whether, at the time, he thought Eddie had been “grooming” Wolfgang to take over as Van Halen’s bassist.

“No, no. I didn’t see him grooming him for my job,” Michael said. “’Cause [Wolfgang] played drums. That was his first instrument that he played. And he knew a couple of chords on guitar, ’cause in 2004, when we did the Van Halen reunion tour, Wolfie came out and actually strummed a couple of chords with [Eddie] at some of the shows. But being Eddie Van Halen’s kid, you’re gonna be a multi-instrumental person anyway.”

Being in Van Halen Was “Great Times”

Asked if he had a favorite memory with Eddie, Anthony said there wasn’t any one particular moment he’d choose.

“It was just great times. When the drama wasn’t happening, it was always great times,” he said. “Like when [David Lee Roth] was in the band, we … did a lot of groundbreaking things, I think. And then with Sammy [Hagar] in the band, we had good times too. So, I think, just in general, I just think the shows were great. You know, just brothers, four brothers.”

About Upcoming The Best of All Worlds Tour

Anthony will be paying tribute to Eddie and the music of Van Halen this year on Hagar’s The Best of All Worlds Tour. As previously reported, Anthony and Hagar will be joined by guitar whiz Joe Satriani, and drummer Jason Bonham.

The Best of All Worlds Tour kicks off July 13 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is scheduled to conclude on August 31 in St. Louis. Loverboy will be the opening act throughout the trek.

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