Neil Diamond: The Bang Years 1966-1968 Coming In March


On Tuesday, March 8, Columbia/Legacy Records will release Neil Diamond: The Bang Years 1966-1968. The album, presented in mono, tracks the evolution of Diamond’s creative output for songwriter Bert Berns’ Bang label. It features of 23 Neil Diamond classics, as well as insightful liner notes written by the man himself. In them, Diamond talks about his evolution as a writer, the truth and depth needed in songwriting, and the strength it requires to go there.

“….I realized that something was happening that had never happened before for me. My new songs contained something that none of my previous ones had…they contained me and my life at their core…. I had finally found, on the crossroads of desperation and opportunity, the understanding of what I needed to do to write truly affecting songs—I had only to be open and honest, dammit, about my own life and experiences and to stop trying to make up silly songs about made up people, situations and relationships for singers whose lives and feelings I knew nothing about.”

Diamond will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 14th.

Neil Diamond: The Bang Years 196-1968 Track Listing:

1. Solitary Man
2. Cherry, Cherry
3. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon
4. Kentucky Woman
5. Thank The Lord For The Night Time
6. You Got To Me
7. I’m A Believer
8. Red, Red Wine
9. The Boat That I Row
10. Do It
11. New Orleans
12. Monday, Monday
13. Red Rubber Ball
14. I’ll Come Running
15. La Bamba
16. The Long Way Home
17. I’ve Got The Feeling (Oh No No)
18. You’ll Forget
19. Love To Love
20. Someday Baby
21. Hanky Panky
22. The Time Is Now
23. Shilo

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