New Song Roundup! Hear New Tracks from Bright Eyes, FINNEAS, beabadoobee, Adia Victoria, Kid Cudi and More!

Hello and welcome back to our regular series in which we share with you our favorite new songs and videos from the week.

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Here, we have new work from Bright Eyes, FINNEAS, beabadoobee, Adia Victoria, Sabrina Claudio, Odesa, Kurt Vile, Let’s Eat Grandma, and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the new music.

1. Bright Eyes

Nebraska-born band Bright Eyes covered the legendary songwriter Elliot Smith this week, releasing a rendition of Smith’s “St. Ides.” Check out Bright Eyes’ rollicking take on the cerebral artist in all of its guitar-driven prowess.


FINNEAS, the all-star producer and songwriter who is also brother (and longtime collaborators) to Billie Eilish, released his latest track Friday (March 25). The song, “Naked,” opens with a robotic voice and then drops into a smooth, groovy sway. This is a bop, as the kids say. FINNEAS is a master at his craft.

3. mxmtoon

The popular songwriter and performer released her latest track this week, “sad disco,” which you can check out below. The storytelling track is energetic and the video features a birthday cake that looks too good to eat. Check out the electronic tune and enjoy dancing around your apartment.

4. Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor

The duo of Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor have offered a reimagined version of Elfman’s song, “Native Intelligence.” Both musicians are known for their studio work and their soundtrack work. So, together, they are a dynamic duo, capable of just about anything. That skill is on full display in this ravaging tune.

5. Adia Victoria

The folk artist released her latest single, “Ain’t Killed Me Yet,” this week and the song features Adia Victoria’s signature gothic sensibilities and expert craftsmanship. This tune even offers some driving electric guitar on which Victoria’s voice blossoms and buzzes.

6. Pinder

The Pacific Northwest rapper, who is a regular collaborator with famed producer Dr. Dre released his latest single, “Ever Again.” The song creeps into your ears and makes a nest, living there in your psyche. It’s expert, elegant. Dare we say it reminds us of Kendrick?

7. Odesza

The famed electronic duo known as Odesza released its latest single this week (along with a new album announcement: new LP set for July 22). The new track, “Love Letter,” is spiritual, enthusiastic, and reviving. Check out the new single below and let it rock your socks off.

8. Tyler, The Creator

Famed songwriter and performer Tyler, The Creator released his newest single and accompanying music video for the single “Come On, Let’s Go.” The new song touches on something we can all relate to—waiting for someone to get ready. Let’s just go. Enjoy the new work and set your watch five minutes ahead of time just to be sure you, yourself, aren’t late to the party.

9. Sabrina Claudio

The popular Puerto Rican and Cuban songwriter and performer released her latest sultry single and accompanying music video for the track “Better Version,” this week. The song is smooth and the video raises your eyebrows. And who doesn’t like a shiny metallic dress that makes a person look like a walking diamond? Enjoy.

10. Selah Sue

The artist dropped her new rhythmic single, “Wanted You to Know,” on Friday (March 25). The song is the type that would play as you walk into a smokey, dimly lit European club, your fortunes right in front of you. Will you take the prize?

11. Bruce Hornsby

Bruce Hornsby, the famed Grammy Award-winning piano player (and friend of and collaborator with the award-winning director Spike Lee), dropped his latest single, “Sidelines,” on Friday. It makes sense that Hornsby would title the song that, given his affinity for the game of basketball. Enjoy the mesmerizing song today.

12. beabadoobee

The burgeoning star and pop-punk artist released her latest single, “Talk,” this week. The new track and accompanying music video harken to the golden glory years of the genre in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and with beabadoobee, the genre seems to be in excellent hands.

13. Let’s Eat Grandma

The British-born duo Let’s Eat Grandma released their latest single and accompanying music video this week for the track, “Levitation.” The new tune is set for the band’s forthcoming new LP, which is scheduled to drop on April 29. Check out the energetic, propulsive song below.

14. Soccer Mommy

This week, Soccer Mommy announced a new album (Sometimes, Forever slated for release on June 24), and to celebrate the news, the artist dropped their latest single, “Shotgun.” The buzzing rock track is displayed in a fun bedroom music video from the acclaimed songwriter and performer that shows how looks can be deceiving.

15. Graham Nash

Legendary songwriter Graham Nash (of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) released a new live version of his song “Military Madness” this week. The track comes on the heels of the announcement that Nash will be releasing a new live album, Live, on May 6.

16. Fatlip and Blu

The rappers Fatlip and Blu released the new single “Street Life” this week, which you can see below in all of its head-bopping, dissonant power. Fatlip, of course, is one of the most interesting and important emcees of the past 50 years, rising to fame with Pharcyde during the Golden Age of the genre in the early ’90s. Enjoy his latest offering today.

17. Kurt Vile

Skilled songwriter and performer Kurt Vile released his latest single and accompanying music video for the track, “Mount Airy Hill.” The mellow rock song portends a new album from the artist, Watch My Moves, which is set to drop on April 15. Enjoy Vile’s slinky voice in the new single today.

18. The Killers

The Killers have released a new video for their single “Getting By II” from the new deluxe edition of the band’s acclaimed LP, Pressure Machine. The song is a reimagined version of the single “The Getting By” from the band’s acclaimed seventh album. Check out the new inspiring work below.

19. Chance the Rapper

The exquisite lyricist dropped his latest single, “Child of God,” this week, and it’s blissful. The song combines basketball imagery with the Biblical. Chance continues to be an artist of the people, one who connects and uplifts. “It’s lit like a candlestick,” he says in his signature sweet, raspy voice.

20. Summer Walker, SZA and Cardi B

Is there a trio of singers with as much clout as these three? Unlikely. Together, the three artists dropped a new single, “No Love,” with an accompanying angelic music video. Carve out an hour of your time for this eye-popping choreographed four-minute video. It will be that much a part of your day.

21. Latto

The talented rapper released her new LP, 777, and part of that includes the song “Sunshine,” featuring two more big names: Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino. The song swings. Latto is truly one of the better lyricists out there, especially given her seemingly never-ending rhythmic flow.

22. Kid Cudi

The prolific artist released his latest single and accompanying music video, “Stars in The Sky,” featuring the musician’s signature boisterous monotone singing style. Kid Cudi, who has been diving into acting and directing, is an artist we’ll be sure to hear from for years—decades—to come.

23. The Head and the Heart

The famed, harmonious Americana band The Head and the Heart have released their latest stirring single “Tiebreaker” from the band’s forthcoming new album, Every Shade of Blue, out April 29. Check out the new single below and let the chills wash over you.

24. Shinedown

Shinedown takes no prisoners. The big, powerful and confident rock band released their latest single, “The Saints Of Violence,” from its forthcoming subversive album, Planet Zero, which is set to drop on April 22. Check out the new song and be prepared to peel your face off the wall like an egg from a pan with a musical spatula.

25. Maren Morris

The country star dropped her new LP Humble Quest, and to celebrate the news, Morris shared a new music video for the song of the same name. That track is emotive, talking about frustration and the importance of resilience in life.

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