NPR Surveys Female Artists For “Hey Ladies”

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NPR’s recent series, “Hey Ladies: Being A Woman Musician Today,” is a must read, regardless of your sex. Compiled from surveys filled out hundreds of female musicians of all genres and levels of success, “Hey Ladies” covers topics ranging from the differences between life onstage and off, to what gear the artists use. There’s even some advice for musicians trying to break into the business, a good amount of it focused on erasing any notions of “good for a girl” being a compliment.

The material, while dense and unedited at times, may even turn you on to some bands you haven’t heard before. Cute touches like “By The Numbers”—32 tales of a sexist sound guy—make the project even more enjoyable. NPR staff writers explore several issues, penning articles about whether or not female pop stars empower women or make things harder for them as well as discussing the personas many female artists, such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga, are using currently. Check out the project here:

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