Oliver Anthony Drops New Video for “90 Some Chevy”

Almost one month removed from the day Oliver Anthony‘s “Rich Men North of Richmond” video was uploaded to YouTube, he’s now back with a new visual. On Saturday (September 2), Anthony unveiled the video for his single “90 Some Chevy,” which he initially released the studio recording of in April.

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As opposed to the socially conscious, working men’s anthem that was “Rich Men North of Richmond,” “90 Some Chevy” is a bit more on the romantic side, as he likens the comfortability of his relationship with his partner to an old Chevrolet car.

That old darlin’ of mine is like a 90 some Chevy
She rides just right when you turn her on
The only thing that sounds better than that old 350 is when she’s running up to kiss me when I get home

However, Anthony’s video from Saturday follows the same theme that was popularized by “Rich Men North of Richmond,” where he employs his Virginia twang to sing while he strums his guitar in the woods. Mixing in footage of him cruising in a Chevy on country roads, the visuals accentuate the aesthetic of the song magnificently.

“90 Some Chevy” is now the third video Anthony’s released since “Rich Men North of Richmond,” following up “Virginia” (August 10) and “I Want To Go Home” (August 22). On Friday (September 1), Billboard confirmed that “Rich Men North of Richmond” had remained at No. 1 on their Hot 100 chart for the second week in a row, certifying that one of music’s biggest moments of 2023 is here to stay.

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While the song has polarized much of the nation, due to its commentary that has either resonated with or alienated certain demographics, Anthony insists he wanted “Rich Men North of Richmond” to open people’s minds up to the working-class perspective.

“It’s hard to get a message out about your political ideology or your belief about the world in three minutes and some change,” he said in a video he uploaded to YouTube on August 25. “But I do hate to see that song being weaponized. Like, I see the right trying to characterize me as one of their own, and I see the left trying to discredit me, I guess, in retaliation. That shit’s gotta stop.”

With “Rich Men North of Richmond” continuing to spark water cooler conversations in every office around the U.S., it’s certainly wise of Anthony to continue releasing songs and videos. Striking while the iron is hot, the “90 Some Chevy” video brings more visibility to Anthony’s track, which he also released the live version for on digital streaming platforms this weekend.

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