Phoebe Bridgers and Olivia Rodrigo Chat In-Conversation; Play Austin City Limits

Over the weekend, two of the biggest names in music—Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers—shared both an Austin City Limits broadcast on PBS and a chat together over Instagram Live for fans.

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In the social media-broadcast conversation, the 18-year-old Rodrigo and the 27-year-old Bridgers shared stories about their backstage riders, hanging out in Los Angeles, their moms, and how much they appreciate each other’s work.

For the Austin City Limits performance, the two took the stage at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas in October. It was a rare performance for Rodrigo since releasing her global hit LP, Sour, and it was one of many mind-blowing performances by Bridgers since releasing her popular album, Punisher.

The two were all smiles chatting together. At one point Rodrigo mentioned that she had never been on tour and asked Bridgers if she had any advice.

“I mean, I’ve never actually been on tour,” Rodrigo said, “so, I’ve never actually done the whole thing. But do you have any advice, or what’s your experience with it?”

“I’m so excited for you,” Bridgers said. “I mean, getting to travel and stuff is great. But getting to travel because of that makes everything more fun… You get to be with all your friends and it’s just, like, work!”

Rodrigo added: “I’m definitely going to drag my mom to go on that tour with me.”

“Yes, totally!” Bridgers added.

Check out their full conversation below.

And check out some of the performances from the two big artists below, including “Savior Complex” and “I Know The End” from Bridgers, and “driver’s license” and “traitor” from Rodrigo.

Who knows, maybe a joint tour is in the works after this charming display of camaraderie between the two frontwomen!

Photo: Instagram Live

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