Practically Perfect: 3 Classic Albums That Everyone Loves

It’s hard to make the “perfect” album. In fact, the discerning part of our brains tells us no one has ever achieved such a feat. Nevertheless, there are a few albums that are so good that they seem flawless. Revisit three of them, below. What do you think? Are these albums perfect?

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Practically Perfect: 3 Classic Albums That Everyone Loves

1. Thriller – Michael Jackson

The title track alone would make Michael Jackson’s Thriller a strong offering. However, the tracklist reads almost like a “Greatest Hits” album. The album is so jam packed with mega hits that the general listening public could recognize almost every song within the first few notes. “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” “Beat It,” and “P.Y.T.” are just three of the mammoth anthems Jackson delivered with this album. It’s said that Jackson set out to make an album where “Every song was a killer.” It’s safe to say he achieved that goal.

2. Blue – Joni Mitchell

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Creating while nursing a broken heart can go one of two ways. The first: You feel stunted and all your creative processes come to a halt. The second: Your creative juices flow freely and that heartache becomes the onus behind your work. Joni Mitchell’s Blue is a shining example of the latter. Mitchell took a “blue” period in her life and let it push her to new songwriting heights. This album is the envy of singer-songwriters everywhere–and for good reason.

3. Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is one of the greatest rock albums of all time–and it’s not just because of the band’s drama while making it. While those “rumors” certainly add some intrigue to the work, the band’s sheer playing power is the real force behind this record. Each pillar of Fleetwood Mac seemed to be running on all cylinders while making Rumours. The unskippable tracklist is evidence to that fact.

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