The Bird and The Bee Will Bring New Holiday Songs Into Your Home with ‘Put Up The Lights’

The holiday season is upon us and what better way to spread joy through your home than with music. Greg Kurstin and Inara George of The Bird and The Bee have put together their Christmas album, “Put Up The Lights,” which is the perfect collection of songs to play for any holiday activity.

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“We’ve been talking about doing a Christmas record since right after our first record in 2007. We always thought our sound lent itself well to Christmas music so that’s why we thought to do it,” says Inara.

This duo began recording these tracks this summer, amid the world seemingly crumbling around them. This was their chance to break away from the stress of the outside world for a little while.

“I remember recording this and thinking it felt so strange so be singing these songs in this crazy world, but it also felt like a relief.”

“Put Up The Lights” contains both original and classic Christmas tunes. Although it wasn’t easy to narrow down the song choices, they decided on these classics based off what they enjoyed listening to most as kids.

“I think it’s always fun to try your hand at new things and if you’re going to do a holiday album, you have to throw a few originals in there too.”

Many people will be unable to spend the holiday season with their loved ones this year and that can be a very difficult thing to grasp. Originals, “Merry Merry” and “You and I At Christmas Time” speak to this new experience that so many can relate to.

“Both of those songs are inspired by the moment, the idea of trying to make the best out of just being at home and not being able to see other people,” says Inara.

Although some traditions may look different this year, families and friends can still stay connected through their favorite songs.

“Holiday records are ones that people get attached to, so the idea that we’ve become part of somebody’s tradition, I think that’s really fun.”

This album has a cozy, warm feeling that makes staying home feel even better. Like Inara explained, it’s a relief to listen to these songs and enjoy the calming sounds for a moment, while shutting out the outside world.

“Our purpose is just to make people happy. We’re not trying to say big things, we’re just trying to make music that feels nice, makes you laugh and is good to put on at a party. I think that music is just as needed as the music that engages you and makes you think about the world and yourself. So that’s why I think it’s been nice to have that with this album”

The Bird and The Bee were able to sing their cover of “Little Drummer Boy” featuring Dave Grohl on the Jimmy Kimmel Show recently. Check out this performance here:

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