Rockboard’s PedalSafes Are Just What Guitarists Need For Their Pedalboard

There's nothing worse for guitarists than playing a show and having a full glass of beer or wine spill all over a fully-loaded pedalboard. Hours of painstakingly piecing together ultra-expensive effect pedals into just the right configuration gone in one drunken moment of fan frenzy!

RockBoard®, a division of Warwick, has you covered, literally, with their new PedalSafes® accessory. The robust RockBoard® PedalSafes® are transparent rubber covers with removable caps for easy access to the pedal controls and jacks etc. They protect your pedals and keep them in perfect condition. No dirt, beer, dust or sweat will get through while you're working the crowd! The PedalSafe® covers are clamped onto mounting plates that can be attached to each pedal board with screws or Velcro tape. Various sizes are available.

RockBoard® PedalSafe®

The PedalSafes® are also compatible with the RockBoard® QuickMount® system and each PedalSafe® is also available with the appropriate QuickMount® mounting plate for use with the RockBoard® series. RockBoard® QuickMount® mounting plates are available for a variety of pedal shapes without the need for Velcro. Simply screw them to your pedals using the screws from the back plates (or the longer screws supplied, if necessary) and click them into the slotted grid on the surface of your RockBoard® and simply remove them using the QuickRelease tool. The also new CableFix keeps your cables in place.

RockBoard® Quickmount®

The flexible PedalSafe Type A1 Protective Cover and the QuickMount Pedal Mounting Plate fit for Electro Harmonix nano series and MXR standard size pedals with 1 input and 1 output jack.

The flexible PedalSafe Type B Protective Cover and the Universal Pedal Mounting Plate fit for EarthQuaker Devices, Seymour Duncan and many other effects pedals with standard size housings. 

The flexible PedalSafe Type C Protective Cover and the QuickMount Pedal Mounting Plate fit for EarthQuaker Devices, Electro Harmonix, Keeley Electronics, MXR, JHS Pedals, Darkglass Electronics and many other effects pedals with larger vertical housings.

The crystal-clear pedal cover allows you to see your settings while the shell is protecting them against accidental adjustments. It fits perfectly in the RockBoard slot grid on our pedalboards and allows for instant secure mounting of your pedals. The QuickMount plates are designed to screw onto the back of your pedals, using the original screws (or supplied replacement screws) and to be easily removable without any residue.

RockBoard® PedalSafe & QuickMount will be available from end of June.

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