Royse Combines Her Southern Roots with an L.A. Flare on “Ride The Bull”

Royse’s newest single “Ride The Bull” is like the edgier, older, doo-wop-less version of Meghan Trainor’s “All That Bass”. 

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Starting with the defiant sound of clicking boots on the pavement overtop the harmony of a classic Western standoff, Royse knows how to build anticipation in this body-positive, pop-heavy, confidence-boosting track. 

“I want everyone to feel hot and sexy when they hear this song, and I hope that it gives people confidence! I do this thing where when I am walking to places I sing songs in my head to make me feel confident, and my dream would be for that to happen to somebody else with this song,” she explains. 

With all the trappings of a bold southern woman hailing from Texas, Royse commands attention in her chorus, “Them other girls are cool, them other girls are cute, but we can ride the bull.”

Although her tone on the track is serious and self-assured, she shares how genuinely enjoyable the recording process was.

“I remember recording this track and taking twerking and champagne breaks to get it done. We were having so much fun I almost spilt champagne on my producer’s laptop…but luckily no equipment was harmed in the making of this track.” 

Coming out soon, Royse hopes when people finally listen to her single they are empowered to go out and realize their own potential, riding the bull to their own success. For her personally, that meant embracing all aspects of herself and using them for her craft. 

“Never in my life did I ever think I’d be writing this fun southern song mixed with my L.A. personality and combining multiple sides of me. And I want people to realize that no matter what their mix of traits or anything that makes them, them, you can be your authentic self no matter what that is!”  

While the clubs and rodeos have yet to open back up, this is the perfect pop and southern-infused tune to hype everyone up in the meantime. 

Listen to “Ride The Bull” below! 

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