‘The Voice’ Runner-up Ruby Leigh Hilariously Addresses Negative Social Media Comments

Ruby Leigh has been chasing her dream of being a star since she was very young. Then, she landed a slot on The Voice and made it to the finale. Being on the show gave her widespread exposure. That exposure helped her advance her career and opened many doors for her. At the same time, it made her a public figure which led to anyone being able to share their opinions about her in the comments of her post. In a recent video, she showed how she deals with the negativity that comes her way.

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Yesterday (June 3), Leigh took to social media to share a seemingly heartfelt video with her fans and followers. While riding in the car, she addressed the internet at large. The video started out on a serious note and ended with the country up-and-comer showing off her sense of humor.

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Ruby Leigh on Dealing with Negativity

“Hey guys, it’s me, Ruby Leigh,” she began. “I’m here in the car on our way to Tennessee and I wanted to get on here to address a couple of things. I’ve had some things that have been laying heavy on my heart and I just wanted to talk about them with you,” she added.

“Sometimes you’ll see some of the negative comments I get in my comments sections and sometimes those words can cut really deep,” she said. “Sometimes it’s really hard for me to go to my family and talk to my family about it because it’s uncomfortable and it’s weird. So, believe it or not, sometimes I turn to Siri and the comments that are like ‘You’re big-headed. You need to keep your feet on the ground’ and ‘You’re using your fame to get out of things.’ I just want to show you how I turn to Siri,” she added.

Then, she picked up her phone and said, “Hey Siri.” The automated assistant came back with a hilarious greeting. “Hey, Ruby Leigh The Voice first runner-up, record-setter, highest viewed audition ever in Voice history, season 24 contestant, famous celebrity from Foley, Missouri that’s also strikingly handsome. You only lost because you didn’t have a better haircut or clothes. Keep your chins up, queen. How can I help?”

After telling Siri that she had helped enough, Leigh addressed the camera again. “So guys, clearly this video’s a joke. My family is there for me whenever I need to talk to them and I’m very thick-skinned. So, your comments don’t hurt me because when God is on my side then who can be against me,” she said with a smile on her face. “You got anything else you want to say, hit me with your best shot because we love laughing and reading them,” she added. “As Siri said, keep your chins up.”

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