Sheryl Crow Criticizes Drake for Using AI To Bring back Tupac Shakur’s Voice

While appearing in shows like One Tree Hill, 30 Rock, Cougar Town, and Cop Rock, Sheryl Crow will always be remembered for her contributions to the music industry. Over the last four decades, Crow entertained fans with hit songs like “All I Wanna Do”, “Strong Enough”, and “If It Makes You Happy.” She even received an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just last year. Although thrilled about her career in music, the star recently slammed Drake when he used AI to include Tupac Shakur’s voice in his song “Taylor Made Freestyle.” 

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Over the last few years, AI has stepped into the spotlight, showing its wide range of capabilities. With each passing month, the technology expanded its knowledge as it learned to write music, lyrics, novels, and even movies. But that is just the start of what the technology can do as it can also capture a singer’s voice and recreate any song. While countless celebrities, singers, and writers spoke out against the use of AI, Drake went ahead and used it to help complete his song. Speaking with BBC, Crow insisted, “You cannot bring people back from the dead and believe they would stand for that. I’m sure Drake thought, ‘Yeah, I shouldn’t do it, but I’ll say sorry later.’ But it’s already done, and people will find even if he takes it down.”

Not afraid to share her disdain for including AI in the music process, Crow continued, “It’s hateful. It is anti-ethical to the life force that exists in all of us.”

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Sheryl Crow Once Used AI

Besides criticizing the technology, Crow admitted to using it herself when wanting to know its true capabilities. She recalled replacing her voice with John Mayer. “I know John and I know the nuances of his voice. And there would be no way you’d have been able to tell that he was not singing that song.”

Although concerned, Crow revealed the one thing AI can’t do. “AI can do lots of things, but it can’t go out and play live. So as long as we have live music, as long as we have hands holding a paintbrush, all is not lost.”

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