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BMI Court Overturns DOJ Ruling on PRO Licensing

A BMI rate court judge has issued a ruling overturning the Department of Justice's controversial declaration that PROS submit to a 100 percent licensing agreement. The decision means that BMI will not have to comply with the DOJ ruling...

Songwriters Take On Justice Department With New Suit Over Licensing

Songwriters rights' group Songwriters of North America filed suit against the Department of Justice Tuesday following last month's ruling that nullified thousands of private contracts.

General Licensing: “Where Are My Royalties?” (Infographic)

This infographic, which originally appeared on the Soundstr blog, is intended to visualize the world of General Licensing and how proposed changes could affect songwriters and music licensees. For more information, please check out the proposed SXSW 2017 Panel, “General Licensing:...

Music Attorney John Strohm On Streaming and What It Means For Independent Artists

John Strohm means it when he says that he cares about the musicians operating to the left of the dial. He spent half of his career playing in critically-acclaimed and criminally underappreciated alternative bands like the Blake Babies (see...

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The Mowgli’s Have California on Their Mind in “Vacation”

The Mowgli’s already have two songs that nod to U.S. cities–2012’s “San Francisco” and 2018’s “Kansas City”–but...