Take Your Song on a Journey with American Songwriter Song Contest 2022 and Prize Partner Play MPE

First off, what are these amazing prizes Play MPE is sponsoring?

The first-place winner of the American Songwriter Song Contest will receive a full-service music promotion distribution campaign worth up to $4,000 to promote their winning song or a future release of their choice. Their music will be sent to verified industry tastemakers around the world, plus additional marketing including a dedicated email to Play MPE’s global marketing lists. These lists reach 39,000+ music industry professionals in radio, music media, A&R, sync, and more. The second and third place winners will also receive packages worth up to $2,000 and $1,000 respectively to promote their winning song.

The Reality of Music Promotion and Discovery 

Major labels, top promoters, and independent artists all share the same goal – to get music heard by decision-makers in radio, music supervision, media, and more. They all want to take that new song on a journey and get it into the ears of those gatekeepers who can make exciting things happen. 

Key industry tastemakers – the ones that make those things happen – need to stay on top of the latest releases and newly popping-off catalog content (hello TikTok #trends). But because there are so many music delivery methods these days, it can seem daunting and frankly frustrating. Some people are still mailing out CDs if you can believe it. Inboxes are inundated with countless random links and/or attachments, and it’s just too much to sift through for a busy professional. 

The reality is many promotions just end up in spam and that’s IF you’ve even been able to locate the correct and current contact info for someone, or any at all! Professional music industry folk hang out behind a velvet rope because there has to be a filter so they don’t get spammed constantly. Direct lines to key players are not exactly readily available. 

Why Play MPE?

Are you aching to get your song added at radio in Australia? Hoping to land a sync placement on a hot Netflix series? Dreamed of walking into your favorite restaurant or retailer and hearing your song playing on their curated playlist? YES?!

Music industry professionals around the globe have been in the know for years, which is why Play MPE has become the leading music promotion distribution and discovery platform globally. Play MPE was built specifically for the music industry to make the business of music promotion and discovery efficient and secure. Not only that, but Play MPE’s team is brimming with hands-on industry experience – from former major label VPs, bigtime radio promotion execs, to music supervisors, media professionals, on-air radio personalities, and more. All this to say, they know what they are doing, as many have been former clients and/or still use the system to promote their own music! 

How Does It Work?

Play MPE’s platform consists of two applications. Caster for music promotion, and Player for music access and discovery. 

With Caster, record labels, promoters, and artists can easily create and distribute music promotion campaigns or releases directly to tastemakers around the world. Play MPE services all genres of music, from Alternative to Top 40, Pop to Metal, Hip Hop to Jazz, and more. The tastemakers who receive these releases on the other end are radio programmers, music supervisors, curators, media, A&R, and Industry VIPs, you name it! With Player (Web, iOS, and Android), these verified industry tastemakers gain access to the latest music releases and catalog reissues. Music promotion e-blasts get sent directly to their inbox, while also automatically appearing in their Player account. Tastemakers can then flag, stream, or download the songs they want, as well as all of the essentials to do their job – like ISRCs (International Standard Recording Codes).  

What Can Promoting Music with Play MPE Do for an Artist?

Artists have a better shot at actually getting noticed when they promote music using the same application the majors use. When releases are distributed to tastemakers via Play MPE, it essentially shows recipients that the artist knows what they are doing. Tastemakers receive music 24/7 and busy professionals simply don’t have time to listen to all of it. When a new release shows up in Player – the application they know, love, and trust – they are more likely to give it a spin rather than some random link sent from an unknown. Not only that, but if they like what they hear, everything they need to do their job is right there in Player. They don’t have to chase anything down, they can download the track and any essential track information and just get going! 

Play MPE is Music Promoted Everywhere

Serving happy clients in over 100 countries, Play MPE’s coveted distribution lists span 5 continents. Long-standing global clients include Universal Music Group, Warner Music, Sony Entertainment, BMG, Big Machine, [PIAS], Curb I Word, Broken Bow, Sub Pop, Epitaph, Criteria, The Orchard, and many more. 

You Don’t Have to Wait to Win! 

If you want to start promoting your music now, learn more about Play MPE. 


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