Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker Calls the Closing Song on ‘Currents’ Album “the Final Standoff”

When it comes to modern psychedelic rock, Tame Impala is one of the masters. Their third studio album, Currents, is approaching its eight-year anniversary. The album was released on July 17, 2015, and redefined music of its kind.

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At the time of Currents‘ release, Tame Impala founder Kevin Parker revealed to NME that the album was written while he was dealing with a painful breakup. He told the outlet, “It’s someone finding themselves in this world of chaos.

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“At different times in life, I’ve felt like it’s time to say goodbye from some form of myself that’s been hanging around for a while, you just feel this urge to move on, like a herd of antelope,” Parker continued. “They’re just standing there in a field eating grass for however long, and then all of a sudden, they start moving. You feel like that as a person sometimes. Where it’s just time to move on.”

During the same interview, Parker stated that the album’s last song, “New Person, Same Old Mistakes,” has a meaning that is as melancholy as its title suggests. He said,  “It’s like the final battle – or the final stand-off between optimism and pessimism. You feel like you’ve evolved into a new person, but at the same time, you’ve gone full circle. You feel like this brand-new person, but in the end, nothing’s been changed because you’re making the same mistakes.”

Tame Impala followed up Currents with their 2020 album, The Slow Rush. Their most recent releases are a collaborative song with Thundercat called “No More Lies,” as well as “Wings of Time,” which was recorded for the film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

Kevin Parker recently expressed his excitement over being featured on the Dungeons & Dragons soundtrack, telling Spin, “Being asked to do a track for the D&D soundtrack seemed like an unmissable opportunity to indulge in my long-time love of fantasy prog rock.

“I recruited my good friend Nicholas Allbrook, who is the person I know appreciates this subject matter the most,” Parker continued. “We rented a villa in Spain that kind of felt like a castle for two nights whilst on tour for Primavera [in June 2022]. That location got us in the right frame of mind and it went from there. We stayed up late coming up with weird ideas and song lyrics.”

It has just been revealed that Tame Impala will be featured on the Barbie soundtrack. The new track is titled “Journey To The Real World.”

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