The Low Anthem Host Fire Sale

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Looking to pimp out your band? Act now and you can own some exotic gear that once belonged to The Low Anthem.

The multi-instrumentalist Providence, Rhode Island “folk band turned hoarder collective” have put up a few of their prized possessions on Craigslist. Among the spoils are a 19th century melodeon, a Fender tube amp and a 1940 Ludwig drum kit.

They’re also unloading their ’82 Red Chevette, if you need some wheels to cart your new drum kit around in.

According to the band:

This car is the shit. Ben drove and loved it until the plates got stolen while the band was in Europe. I mean, it’s a project, and needs work, new front left caliper and fuel lines. But come on, look at this thing!!! Cupid stencil on front. Egg on top. The tree varieties stenciled on either side are arranged by latitude from pole to equator. It’s a classic. You can still find parts. Also, it’s mad simple under the hood so if your looking for a car to work on yourself, this is she!!! You’ll be riding in style in no time at all.

Check out The Low Anthem’s detailed Craigslist ad here.

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