There is a New Bruce Springsteen Album On the Way, According to Rumors

Bruce Springsteen has a new album on the way. At least, if you believe the rumors.

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In a new interview with Billboard magazine, which was published on Tuesday (September 13), Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner says he’s listening to the “stunning” new LP from The Boss, which is set to drop later this fall.

Wenner was asked about the state of music these days, from pop to hip-hop, and the magazine founder and cultural icon said that he’s listening not to more contemporary songs but to the songs and artists that made waves when he was young.

“There’s a new Bruce (Springsteen) record coming out this fall, which is stunning,” Wenner said in the interview. “I’m listening to that.”

Fans have heard rumors about a new album from Springsteen, but no official word has been laid down about it—well, until now, it would seem.

The new Springsteen offering is thought to be a new solo record, not one from his full E Street Band. Last month, fans shared an online rumor that it could be a collection of soul covers. But no official word, from Wenner or otherwise, has been made about the content of the forthcoming LP.

So far, Springsteen, who is 72 years old, has not made a formal announcement. His latest record was the Letter to You E Street Band reunion record in the fall of 2020. Springsteen has also been making podcasts and writing books with former President Barack Obama.

As NME shared, Springsteen is set to join Wenner, his longtime pal for a Q&A in New York City regarding Wenner’s new memoir, Like A Rolling Stone, at the 92nd Street Y in the Big Apple.

Springsteen and the E Street Band’s upcoming global tour is slated to begin on February 1 in Tampa, Florida. They head to other spots like Newark, New Jersey, and the Prudential Center on April 14.

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