Dale Ann Bradley Debuts Title-Track, “Things She Couldn’t Get Over”

Bluegrass matriarch, Dale Ann Bradley, premieres her title-track, “Things She Couldn’t Get Over,” ahead of her new album due February 5.

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Written amidst the pandemic, this single serves as the basis for the record. The subject—a woman down on her luck—represents many who struggle. The lyrics detail brokenness bred from misfortune beyond her control. Through this narrative, Bradley hopes to push humanity beyond judgment to clarify that circumstances do not reflect someone’s character.

“I hope it will bring some awareness to the fact we jump to the conclusions that someone is violent or mean, or just crazy,” Bradley explains. “But we have got to look beyond that and not shun people that need help. Hopefully, we will learn to lend a smile or a cup of coffee, whatever makes a difference.”

Bradley, a multi-Grammy nominee and five-time IBMA “Female Vocalist of the Year” recently took home 2020 IBMA “Entertainer of the Year” during her last year as part of the all-female band Sister Sadie.

Closing that chapter with the group she co-founded in 2012 was difficult, but it allows the artist to hone in on her solo career. Her label home, Pinecastle Records, has propelled her forward on this path. Pinecastle is led by Ethan Burkhardt, whom Bradley describes as both a “consummate musician and high character person.”

“That’s warming to me; I feel like this is ground we can really grow something on,” she says.

 Bradley’s new band, “Moon Runner,” includes Kim Fox on vocals and guitar, Matt Leadbetter on dobro and vocals, Mike Sumner on banjo, and Burkhardt on bass.

Like her 1997 debut, East Kentucky Morning, this upcoming album marks a shift in the artist’s life and career. Her first full-length record birthed her solo career, whereas now she is delving back into her own artistry with this new project.

“This album is a pivotal point, just as East Kentucky Morning was,” Bradley explains. “I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was coming out of my baby years, and reality was hitting me right in the face. We put a lot of time into each of these songs, just like we’ve done on this new project. I wanted to create a project from another pivotal point to share with people. Not just because it’s my life, but I believe people have the same experiences. I’m nothing special, just changing with the times.”

By sharing her perspective, with some years of life and musicianship under her belt, Bradley hopes her new music will help people feel connected. Her lyrics respond to the divisiveness that has risen to the surface throughout the past year.

Her introductory single emphasizes this thematic goal. Warm vocals, set by searing instrumentation, paint a poignant picture of a nation divided and those who fall by the wayside in its wake. Detailing a heart-wrenching story, Bradley instills humanity in each face on the side of the highway, commanding further consideration from each of her listeners.

“We’re all working this earth together,” she reminds us. “And kindness and understanding need to happen. People need to reach out their hands, or this will continue.”

Listen exclusively to Dale Ann Bradley’s new single, “Things She Couldn’t Get Over,” below. Keep up with announcements about her upcoming project here.

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