Tracktion’s Waveform Pro Digital Audio Workstation Released With Free 90-Day Trial Offer

Tracktion announces Waveform Pro, the eleventh version of this affordable, award winning, fully featured digital audio workstation. Best of all, the company is offering a free 90-day trial for songwriters to dig in deep and learn how the product can help the creative process.

Waveform Pro includes unique tools and workflows designed to be as intuitive as possible and thereby reducing the technological barrier that can so easily stifle the creative process.

Designed for the needs of modern music producers, this deeply capable DAW is a suite of tools that is powerful, intuitive and very user friendly. The latest evolution includes new features developed to harness the potential of multi-screen setups, touch screens and user customization. Plus, system stability has been improved with plugin sand boxing.

Constructing the basic elements of a track requires the artist to either be a multi-instrumentalist or have the necessary toolkits available to easily recreate musical elements. Waveform Pro includes a collection of unique, full multi-track drum loops, recorded in one of Italy’s finest studios. Utilizing Waveform’s Track Loop format, the content can be auditioned as a stereo file and imported in full multi track format at the touch of a button for ultimate flexibility. With a wide array of drumming styles available, these collections can form the basis of diverse musical genres.

Waveform Pro also includes the heavyweight sample- based instrument ‘Collective’ designed to provide an extensive list of different instrument types – everything from drums, strings, keys to less typical instruments such as harps and mandolins.

Vocals are a critical element for songwriters. Waveform Pro includes two vocal programs: Antares Autotune Celemony Software’s ground-breaking Melodyne

Every musical project requires some level of signal processing to complete the composition – whether it be adding a touch of reverb or dynamics, or more additive FX such as delays or combinations of processors – Waveform Pro has you covered. The ‘Standard Pack’ includes the aptly named ‘DAW Essential Collection’ which provides high quality CPU optimized processors for all the common tasks. Waveform Pro 11 also adds to the popular ‘Artisan Collection’ now with 182 elemental processors for you to combine in interesting ways.

Arrangement can be a daunting task, especially when track count has grown, and often impedes the process of actually finishing a project. New in Waveform Pro 11 is the super useful ‘arranger track’ which vastly speeds up the process and actually makes it a fun part of the creative process. You can move, copy, delete and duplicate regions of your arrangement by simply manipulating the arranger clips and with added capabilities such as magnetic timeline, arrangement has never been easier.

Information on the free 90 day trial is here.

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