Watch Kelly Clarkson Make Keith Urban’s 2002 Hit “Somebody Like You” Her Own

Kelly Clarkson is the queen of cover songs. At this point, many of her fans are convinced that she can take on songs by any artist in the rock, pop, or country genres and improve them with her powerful pipes. She has done some time and again during Kellyoke segments on her daytime talk show. Recently, she took on a classic track by Keith Urban. Watch her knock “Somebody Like You” out of the park below.

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Urban co-wrote “Somebody Like You” with John Shanks and released it as the lead single from his third studio album Golden Road in the summer of 2002. It went on to become his second No. 1 single in the United States. More than 20 years old, the song still holds up today. It’s easy to see why it’s one of Urban’s best-loved tracks.

Clarkson’s vocals on the cover are top-notch as usual. This is especially true when she fully opens up and gives the song the full power of her crystalline voice. For instance, she takes things up a notch in the chorus and truly elevates her version of the song.

The only thing missing from her cover is Urban’s unparalleled musicianship. Like many of his songs, “Somebody Like You” features his guitar-jo. The instrument is built like a banjo and strung and tuned like a guitar. Urban is, to say the least, an accomplished guitarist. The unique instrument allows him to add another layer of twang to his music without learning a new instrument. It’s part of his signature sound that helps him stand out in the crowd.

However, Clarkson’s fans don’t mind the omission of instrumental twang in her cover.

Fans React to Kelly Clarkson’s Cover of “Somebody Like You”

Many of Clarkson’s fans came to the comment section of the video to praise her rendition of Urban’s 2002 hit.

“She can [sing] anything! Once again she turned another cover song into her own. At this point, Kelly Clarkson owns all songs she sings,” wrote one fan.

“I knew from day one of American Idol she was talented and over 22 years she keeps showing us why she is the queen of vocals,” commented a long-time admirer.

“Sorry Keith, it’s hers now. This Kellyoke is perfection,” wrote another commenter, succinctly summing things up.

Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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