Watch Ryan Seacrest Leap Into Luke Bryan’s Arms After Emmy Russell’s Emotional ‘American Idol’ Performance

Emmy Russell has been impressing the American Idol judges since she won her Golden Ticket in February. Nearly every week, she has delivered an original song that blew them away. Last night (April 14) was no exception. She performed an original track called “Want You” which got one of the strongest reactions from the judges so far. The song left Ryan Seacrest emotional and brought high praise from Lionel Richie.

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Last night, Russell competed as one of the Top 20 on American Idol. Her heartfelt delivery of the song about unrequited love took her to the next stage of the competition. About the song, she said, “It’s just about me wanting someone that didn’t want me back. I really wished this person loved me like I loved them.”

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Emmy Russell’s “Want You” Wrecked Ryan Seacrest, Wowed Judges

Want You” left American Idol host Ryan Seacrest in tears. After a bit of banter, Luke Bryan stood up from his seat and said, “Ryan, I’ll give you a hug.” Then, the host jumped into his arms in a moment that was both wholesome and hilarious.


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Bryan joked that Seacrest was the “most expensive thing” he’d ever held. Then, let Russell know how he felt about her song. “That was so you. I loved it because it was so real, and I think you could really feel the emotion in that. And that’s what your artistry is about and don’t lose that,” he said. “That thing that you did with that song really is your signature. It was very emotional and probably my favorite performance that you’ve done.”

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Katy Perry loved the song as well. However, she had some constructive criticism for the singer/songwriter. “Miss Emmy, that was one of my favorite original songs that you’ve sang,” she said. Then, she added, “I just want more breath, more long notes. Girl, like, go swimming. Learn how to hold your breath more. Like, we need longer notes from Emmy, and I know you have them. We need power. The time is now.”

“First of all, before we go any further, that’s a hit record,” Lionel Richie told Russell. “I don’t care. We can talk about the future, but that is a hit record,” he added. “My dear, you are an incredible songwriter. Incredible performance.”

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