‘The Voice’ Coach Reba McEntire Breaks Out in Tears Over Josh Sanders’ Moving Vince Gill Ballad

Showing his love for music, Josh Sanders took to The Voice stage with the iconic Vince Gill ballad “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”

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Right before the emotional performance, the Team Reba star shared how music has impacted his life throughout the years and how it helped push him past the toughest times of his life. He shared a series of photos featuring his children, including his newborn son who tragically passed away.

Bringing all the emotions to the stage, Sanders brought the audience on his soulful journey and showed why he was a finalist this season.

Through tears, Reba McEntire couldn’t help but gush about Josh Sanders’ beautiful The Voice finals performance. “Josh, that was wonderful,” she emotionally declared. “I always tell you you’ve got to get that heart going and send it out. And you did. It just really hit me hard. I’m so proud of you.” 

The Voice fans also cheered Josh Sanders on both live and online. “This is Josh Sanders’ best performance,” one of the viewers praised in a post on X (formerly Twitter). “Nice to see him doing something more difficult vocally.”

Another viewer critiqued the performance by writing. “Josh Sanders crowding the pianist, sailing on those long notes. Some nice moments with him telling the story, milking all the tenderness from the lyrics. Well done.”

A fellow viewer then said Sanders is “a star in music” and definitely deserves to be in the finals. However, “I’m going to say Josh earned a vote from me,” the viewer wrote.

Before the finals kicked off, some of The Voice fans shared their predictions, with Josh Sanders leading the finalists. “My prediction for The Voice finale,” one fan wrote. “Josh Sanders winner, Karen runner-up, Asher third place, Nathan fourth place, and Bryan fifth place.”

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