Asher HaVon Brings Soulful Rendition of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” to ‘The Voice’ Finale

For his performance in The Voice finals, Asher HaVon took to the stage to perform an incredibly soulful rendition of Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.” 

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Before taking the stage, Asher Horton praised music as being what has guided him through his “symphony.” He also praised Reba as being as being a second mother to him. 

Right at the start, the Team Reba singer showed off his extensive vocal range before showing off his amazing stage presence. The performance earned a standing ovation from all The Voice coaches.

John Legend quickly shared his thoughts by declaring, “Man, I told you last week I truly believe you’re the best vocalist in this competition. And I really felt like this song was perfect. I really feel like maybe this is a lane that you should consider, this disco dance. Some of the best artists in disco were gospel trained and have that voice. It fits you like a glove. It was perfect.”

Reba McEntire also praised Asher HaVon for The Voice finals performance by stating she thought he was having fun out there. “I thought you were having a blast out there. Weren’t you?” she asked. He responded by stating he was having the best time. “And that’s what makes me so happy,” Reba gushed. “You’ve got the talent. You’ve got the look. Everything is going. But if you’re not having fun, go home.” 

Asher HaVon agreed by saying, “Exactly.” 

“If you’re having fun, that’s what makes me happy,” Reba added. 

The Voice viewers turned to X (formerly Twitter) to share their thoughts on Asher HaVon’s performance. “Some of the greatest artists are very shy people,” one person explained. “Asher HaVon must be one of those shy people but his voice needs to be heard. He has a great tone. Hope to hear more form him.”

Another viewer added, “I predict ASHER HAVON should be winner of The Voice. If not, then there’s something wrong on The Voice.

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