Watch: ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’ Final Season Trailer

The Wu-Tang Clan is back for the final season of the biographical drama series, Wu-Tang: An American Saga.

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A passion project surrounding the legendary hip-hop group – helmed by Wu-Tang member RZA with screenwriter Alex Tse – the show began as a 10-episode mini-series as a way to chronicle the early life of the rap ensemble. It has since seen mass success and a second-season return.

It was recently confirmed that Wu-Tang: An American Saga will soon return for its third and final season.

“This season deals with various elements of hip-hop culture through the eyes of the Wu-Tang Clan and its surrounding family,” RZA shared in an exclusive statement (via Rolling Stone). “We explore the music, the fashion, the entrepreneurial elements, and that pioneering spirit that the hip-hop art form generates. We also explore the imagination and inspiration that the music invoked into the youth. We do this all while navigating the complex relationships that success spawns.”

The final season of Wu-Tang: An American Saga will premiere on February 15 and will stream weekly on Hulu. Check out the third season trailer, below, in which the group ride in on the high of their debut album and explore their newfound success through all of its ups and downs.

“Being a founder and abbot of the Wu I’m always optimistic about our legacy,” RZA continued. “We set out on a journey in 1993 with Enter the 36 Chambers and that journey continues 30 years later. We created 30 episodes of tv/cinema to expound upon our art, music, life joys and life struggles.

“I believe the Wu-Tang Clan are an important lamp post in the annals of hip-hop history and music culture as a whole,” the rapper detailed. “The last five years have been as challenging and fulfilling as our first five years in the Industry. The first five years culminated with the success of the album Wu-Tang Forever. The last five years with the completion of the series and its inspirational content echoes those words.”

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