Watch Zach Bryan Take the Stage With His “Hero” for Stellar “King of Oklahoma” Performance

While fans can catch him in movies and shows like Killers of the Flower Moon, Deadwood: The Movie, and Squidbillies, Jason Isbell is also a highly accomplished singer and songwriter. Born in Green Hill, Alabama, Isbell eventually found his way to the stage as he released nine studio albums with the band 400 Unit. Releasing several hit songs over the years, Isbell holds numerous Grammy Awards. And recently, one of his biggest fans, Zach Bryan, got the opportunity to share the stage with his “hero.”

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Currently helming his Quittin’ Time tour, Bryan took his show to Detriot where the opener was none other than Isbell and the 400 Unit. Loving to jump on stage to share a song or two with his opener, Bryan wasted no time coming on stage with Isbell before his call time. Releasing their newest album Weathervanes last year, Bryan teamed up with the group to perform “King of Oklahoma.” 

Posting a video of the performance on his Twitter, Bryan captioned the post, writing. “thanks for letting me ruin your song Mr. Isbell. I respect you and care for your music more than life itself. It was a privilege and an honor to meet a hero. Can’t wait to hear this without my voice on it at the next one, we love ya!”

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Zach Bryan Hopes To Make A Jason Isbell Cover Album

Although enjoying his time on stage with Isbell, this isn’t the first time Bryan discussed his love for the artist. All throughout 2023 and 2024, Bryan shared the creative power of Isbell and the 400 Unit, writing, “proud to be alive and existing in the same chapter of music as @JasonIsbell  ‘By morning I won’t feel no pain’ closest thing we all have to a songwriting idol and I don’t say it lightly, such an amazing album.”

Again, Bryan didn’t stop there as he added in another tweet his longing to work with Isbell. He insisted, “Once my record deal is over I’m going to make right on all my promises when it comes to releases but the first thing I do make an Isbell cover record because what the hell man.”

Proving their cohesion on stage in Detriot, it appears that the only thing standing in the way of a Jason Isbell cover album is time.

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