Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest is a Furry

Will Toledo is a furry, he says.

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While that may be pretty personal information, the frontman for the popular indie rock band Car Seat Headrest is chatting about it, telling Brooklyn Magazine he enjoys the costuming.

On his band’s recent Masquerade Tour, Toledo performed at Brooklyn Steel in a fur suit. Speaking about the show, he told Brooklyn Magazine, “I wanted more furries in the crowd. It was very impromptu. My friend tried finding someone else to wear the suit but he couldn’t find anybody. So at the last minute, I asked him to bring it and I wore as much of it as I could.”

Toledo also says he has a furry alter-ego he calls Mortis Jackrabbit.

(We spoke with Toledo a few years ago about a video game he and his drummer made in which there are several animal avatars.)

And his drummer, Andrew Katz, recently talked about Toledo’s furry history.

“A lot of Car Seat’s music is furry adjacent because, when Will started, it was for that community of people,” says Katz. “So obviously a lot of the fans are furries and the rest know he’s a furry.”

A furry, if you haven’t put it together by now, is someone who likes to wear animal costumes, often as part of a larger community of furries. Sometimes sex is involved, but it’s not a necessary part of the equation.

“[The Brooklyn Steel show] was a good show because it was the only time I wore Mortis,” Toledo tells Brooklyn Magazine. “The costume has been sitting with a friend since I went to a furry convention in February. I haven’t been able to transport the suit back because I’ve been traveling all over.”

Read the magazine’s entire interview with Toledo here.

In other recent Car Seat Headrest news, the band recently announced it was “cancel[ing] all postponed shows” from the recent Spring tour that had to be postponed, noting it was a “difficult” decision.

But the good news is, the band has new dates coming up, recently sharing on their Facebook page some upcoming shows:

06/04 – Granfalloon Fest – Bloomington, IN
06/16 – Brooklyn Mag Fest – Brooklyn, NY
07/29 – MAHA Festival – Omaha, NE
09/02 – Out of Space – Evanston, IL
09/24 – Frantic City – Atlantic City, NJ

Photo Credit: Carlos Cruz

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