Exclusive: Watch Rain Perry’s “Keanuville” Video

It’s no secret that Rain Perry has long harbored a crush on actor Keanu Reeves.

Perry, who penned the theme song to the CW show Life Unexpected, gave us the scoop on her song “Keanuville,” off Internal Combustion, in our Writer of the Week feature:

This song is taken verbatim from a conversation with the woman sitting next to me the time I went to see Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar. He inspires an unprecedented level of fandom. He tries to sit on a park bench and have a sandwich, and next thing he knows a million different permutations of “Sad Keanu” are popping up all over the internet. Why? What is it about him that inspires the hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, the creepy x-rated fan-fiction, the perpetually morphing internet meme, the “Keanu is Immortal” video? The song looks at this phenomenon through the eyes of just one of these fans.

We’re proud to debut the awesome new video for “Keanuville,” which gives celebrity stalking a whole new spin. Enter the matrix of excessive Reeves-worship below.