3 New Songs to Listen to Today: Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson, WILLOW and Mádé Kuti

Music can make your day. 

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One song playing at the right moment, perhaps with the right cup of coffee in your favorite mug, the sun coming through the window, can really make life worth living. 

We here at American Songwriter think that songs are the oxygen for your spiritual lungs. 

To that end, we wanted to share three new works of music to brighten your day and share the good word of composition. So, with that in mind, here are three songs for you today.

1. “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton and Kelly Clarkson

The legendary singers, now a duo for this hit track, recently released snippets of the song, as American Songwriter reported. Now, you can check the full version of the brand-new single below. It comes out ahead of the highly anticipated Still Working 9 to 5 documentary (premiering September 16). Check out the stunning rendition below.

2. “curious/furious” by Willow

The rising pop-punk artist released her newest single and accompanying music video for the track “curious/furious.” Willow, who just finished a tour with Machine Gun Kelly, is the next generation of a genre that has seen Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, and MGK rise to fame. Check out her new thoughtful song below, it’s one of her best.

3. “Stand Tall” by Mádé Kuti

The Grammy-nominated grandson of legendary Afrobeats musician Fela Kuti has released his latest single, “Stand Tall,” today. The guitar-driven, rhythmic, upbeat track showcases the style that the Kuti family has made famous while also offering a new, modern twist on the hypnotic style. Check out the uplifting, intricate track below.

Photo: Kelly Clarkson (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM); Dolly Parton (Will Russell/Getty Images)

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