“A Troubled Man for Troubled Times”: Alice Cooper Says He’s Running for President (Again), Watch His Campaign Video

In an ever-polarizing election year, one has to wonder: What if Alice Cooper ran for president? Well, there’s no need to wonder! Cooper is planning his 2024 presidential campaign yet again, which he’s done ever since he released the track “Elected” back in 1972. 

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You’d think after 40 years the shock rocker would give up, but he’s back again to give it another shot. His campaign slogan for this year? “I’m a troubled man for troubled times.”

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Jokes aside, the bit has been going on since he formed the “Wild Party” back in 1972. “Elected” was the debut single from his sixth album Billion Dollar Babies. The album was a pretty big success for Cooper’s career. It even reached no. 1 on the US charts and became certified platinum shortly after.

“I have absolutely no idea what to do, so I should fit right in,” Cooper said in his “campaign” video.

Is Alice Cooper Really Running For President?

No, Alice Cooper is not really running for president. But, stranger things have happened!

Cooper has been pretty tight-lipped about his personal political opinions through the years. He even stated in an interview with The Guardian that he doesn’t like to mix politics and music. However, he is a fan of humanitarian efforts.

“I don’t like to mix politics and rock ‘n’ roll,” he said in the 2018 chat. “I don’t look at Bono, Sting and Bruce Springsteen as political. I look at them as being humanitarian. I’ll contribute to anything humanitarian. Helping people who can’t help themselves. But when musicians are telling people who to vote for, I think that’s an abuse of power. You’re telling your fans not to think for themselves, just to think like you. Rock ‘n’ roll is about freedom, and that’s not freedom.”

Cooper has been forthright about his belief that politics should stay out of rock and roll before.

“First of all, why do people think rock stars know more than they do?” Cooper has said in the past. “That is the biggest fallacy in the world. If anything, we’re dumber. We’re not smarter than anybody else. I mean, why do you think we’re rock stars? Trust me, we don’t read magazines you don’t read.”

He also went on to say that rock music “was built to go as far away from politics as you could get.”

You can follow Alice Cooper’s campaign for “president” via his campaign website. There, Cooper will post virtual political rallies as well as Q&A sessions.

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