Abi Carter Gets Real About Katy Perry’s “American Idol” Replacement, Will Moseley Says “Someone Has a Big Decision to Make”

On Sunday night, fans tuned in for the season finale of American Idol. Throughout the season, fans watched numerous aspiring artists like Jack Blocker share their talent with the world. But like every season – there can be only one winner. And with Will Moseley and Abi Carter standing side by side, host Ryan Seacrest revealed that Carter had become the first female winner in four seasons. Although needing some time to process her journey and winning American Idol, Carter, and Moseley recently discussed who they believe should take over for judge Katy Perry. 

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Appearing on Good Morning America, both Moseley and Cater seemed in high spirits about the season. Although coming in second, Moseley looked forward to his future in the music industry. And for Carter, the realization is still setting in. But as the interview went on, both singers were asked about Perry leaving the show and who they believed should take her place. For Carter, she said, “I feel like there is going to be such a void when Katy goes on and releases her own music and does her thing. And she is an amazing artist and I’m so excited to see that. But I don’t know. Who can replace that? She’s synonymous with the show at this point. So iconic to it.”

While not giving up any names, Moseley followed Carter by joking, “I think someone has a big decision to make. I’m thankful it’s not me.”  

Abi Carter Shares Breakfast With Will Moseley After ‘American Idol’ Win

Over the last several weeks, rumors circulated American Idol with some suggesting singers like Meghan Trainor, Jelly Roll, and even the iconic Jon Bon Jovi are in the running. With the producers staying extremely silent on the matter, even Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie are wondering who they will sit beside next season. 

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As for both Moseley and Carter, they seem to be enjoying their time in the spotlight as Carter shared a picture of them enjoying breakfast. 

Fans commented on the post, writing, “Two of the most humble humans our family has ever enjoyed watching grow. Your personalities are all loving. Stay true to who you are and you’ll always rise to the top. Your vocals give me chills. Sending love from NYC “  

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