‘American Idol’ Finalist Will Moseley Rocks the Stage With Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town”

Kicking off the American Idol season 22 finale in a big way, Will Moseley took to the stage to perform Bon Jovi’s iconic track “It’s My Life” 

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Showing off his famous “growling” vibrato, the 23-year-old Georgia native didn’t hold back and gave a talked-about performance. The entire live audience and judges were completely blown away. 

Following a stand ovation, Lionel Richie quickly gave his critique. “All I’m going to say to is, you’re there!” the American Idol judge then declared to Will Moseley. “You’re there. Let it go from now on and the rest of your career. Let. It. Go. And enjoy yourself. Unbelievable.” 

Katy Perry also noted that from the moment she and her fellow judges met him, they knew Moseley had potential. “Now you’re singing at a huge register,” she pointed out. “You sound like Jon Bon Jovi and you’re like giving air guitar. You’re like totally free Will!” 

Luke Bryan further added that it’s just fun to watch Will Moseley perform on the American Idol stage. “I would have thought that you never would have had a guitar in the front of the season, cause that was kind of your deal. But to get out here and take Jon Bon Jovi’s advice… That thing had some teeth on it. You were making it count. Great job, what a start of the night!” 

Will Moseley also received some love and support from fans back in his hometown Hazelhurst, Georgia, where some of the residents gathered for an American Idol watch party. “Hazelhurst loves Will Moseley and so do the judges tonight!” WJCL’s Emma Hamilton reported.

Other fans also cheered him on through social media. A fan further added, “Will Moseley sounded great, as usual. Can he sound bad? I wasn’t totally [convinced] but can’t help adore that vocal, easy stage presence, big teddy huggleman. He does what he does. Take it or leave it.” 

Will Mosley Belts Out Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town” For His Second Song 

Inspired by his hometown, Hazelhurst, Will Moseley took to the stage with Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town.” 

While in his hometown, Moseley couldn’t help but gush about the scene. “This is Small Town, USA,” he declared. “This is what it’s all about.” 

The American Idol contestant also stopped at the primary elementary school he attended to see all of his “youngest supporters.” The school’s students sang his original song for him while he was on stage.

“It’s a different feeling when people sing your song back to you,” Moseley stated. “But when you walk into a school full of kids and you’re talking about young kids and they know every word… I don’t know how to describe it.” 

Following his trip back home, Will Moseley was ready to take the stage with Gentry’s hit song. 

(Photo by American Idol/ABC) 

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